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Lantana company for providing agricultural, irrigation, and design equipment and for the supervision of green works and their respective irrigation systems. Established in 2013 by a team of expertise. We have worked independently in the past and we have more than 10 years of experience in this field of work. Lantana is the official reseller for Poelsan, a Turkish company in Sulaymaniyah and PliLn’s, an Iranian company in Kurdistan. Lantana company has supervised numerous projects in Kurdistan, especially in Slemani. For a number of years, Lantana company managed and supervised “Hawari Shar” park. It has supervised various projects from the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Municipality, and the Ministry of Tourism. We have designed and implemented the irrigation systems for multiple residential areas, hundreds of gardens, and villas. We have supervised over 2000 greenhouses in the various areas of the Kurdistan region in addition to giving proper instructions to farmers. , Furthermore providing agricultural and irrigational equipment for the Ministry of Municipality and multiple big companies in Sulaymaniyah and the surrounding areas continuously.

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